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How to write a description of service: 7 tips plus examples

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Key takeaways

  • To make your service description more effective, highlight the benefits that appeal to your target audience’s needs rather than simply listing features
  • Add relevant keywords to your service description to make your service pages easier to find on search engines
  • Create a service description that stands out from your competitors by weaving in your unique brand voice

When potential customers want to learn more about your services, many will visit your website to find out what you offer—and they’re looking for more than beautiful images and sales pitches. Your service pages should include a concrete, yet enticing, description of service that establishes your pricing and explains why your brand offers more value than its competitors. 

Read on to learn how to write service descriptions that accomplish all of this and persuade customers to buy. Plus, discover examples to draw inspiration from.

How to write service descriptions

There’s no set length for an effective service description. They can be as short as a paragraph (more concise language is typically better), but no matter the length, they should contain enough relevant information to pique the interest of your target audience and move them toward a purchase decision. Use these seven tips to learn how to write service descriptions that get results.

1. Create buyer personas

Before drafting your next service description, define and understand your target market. Once you’ve identified your typical buyers, you can create buyer personas for each of them. Buyer personas are detailed profiles that outline the characteristics of your different kinds of shoppers. 

They’re one of the best ways to step into potential customers’ shoes and understand the motivations of your target audience. In addition to basic demographic information like age and income, identify the needs, pain points, and desires for each of your market segments.

You’ll want to refer back to these buyer personas during your service description writing process so you can speak to your shoppers’ needs and highlight the service benefits that are most enticing to them.

2. Do keyword research

Your service pages can get more web traffic when you use search engine optimization (SEO) tactics in your content. SEO-friendly content makes web pages rank higher on relevant search engine results pages, making them more visible to the right customers.

One SEO tactic to use when writing service descriptions is adding relevant keywords into your website copy. With the help of a free keyword research tool, identify the search terms your target audience is using to find similar services. Then, naturally weave those words into your service description.

For example, if a makeup artist finds that many people are searching for vegan foundations and lipsticks, including a phrase like “vegan, cruelty-free products” might catch prospective customers’ eyes.

3. Translate features into benefits

It’s easy to list out the features of your services on your website. A dog grooming business might offer nail trimming, baths, and haircuts in their full-service package. However, the best service descriptions connect these features back to benefits, which are more concrete selling points that improve customers’ lives.

For example, the dog grooming business could highlight the stress-reducing aspects of their full-service package: “Get your dog or cat sparkling clean without the drain on your time or struggling with clawing, biting, or barking. We’ll even make sure your furry friend gets a treat to make their day at the spa enjoyable.”

4. Break up blocks of text

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When your service description rambles on without any breaks in the text, it can quickly discourage potential customers from reading further. Longer service descriptions should use bullet points, paragraph breaks, images, subheadings, and other formatting options to break up the text and make your page more readable. 

Much like product pages, service pages should have enough white space so readers can easily scan your website content for keywords.

5. Be specific

Plenty of movers claim to provide the most hassle-free short- or long-distance movers around. Simply stating that you’re the top service provider in your industry might not be enough to convince readers to choose you. 

If your description of service is too generic, it’ll sound like you don’t have anything to back up your claims. Be specific. For example, if you offer tax prep services, you can state that you help small business owners complete their taxes in as little as 30 minutes, instead of saying that you help them save time.

Adding social proof, such as testimonials, online reviews from your Yelp Business Page, and awards or recognitions your business has received can help you stand out.

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6. Use your brand voice

Your brand voice is the way your company speaks to its customers. It includes language, tone, and personality—a unique combination of elements that should stay consistent across all communications. When you weave your brand voice into your descriptions, you can make your service pages stand out from those offered by your competitors.

If you haven’t developed your brand voice already, consider your mission statement, vision statement, and company values to get a good sense of your company’s identity. Then, list characteristics that sound true to your brand, homing in on what feels authentic, not forced. For instance, you may say that your brand is witty but not funny and enthusiastic but not energetic—distinctions that will help define your brand to your company and to your customers.

7. Add a call to action

A call to action (CTA) is a brief prompt that encourages website visitors to take a specific action—for example, “Make an appointment” or “Schedule a consultation.” It tells potential customers what the next step is if they’re interested in your service.

When you include a CTA in your description of service (and on your homepage and other landing pages), you can nudge shoppers to move forward with a purchase so you don’t let sales leads slip away. Learn how to write effective CTAs with five call-to-action writing tips

Description of service examples

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To help you get started copywriting your description of service, here are two excellent real-life examples of how to write service descriptions that are irresistibly good.

1. Molly Maid

Molly Maid is a housekeeping business that offers a variety of specialized cleaning services. Its apartment cleaning service description is highly readable and persuasive. Here’s a snippet:

“Coming home is a wonderful feeling, especially if your residence is clean and orderly when you arrive. No matter what type of dwelling you call home, Molly Maid delivers the most trusted home and apartment cleaning services around.

What’s our secret? Well, it’s really no secret:

  • We’re flexible.
  • We’re insured.
  • We work with our customers’ preferences.
  • We offer a satisfaction warranty.

Whether you need our services on a weekly or monthly basis, you can look forward to our industry-leading services and flexible scheduling without the pressure of contracts.”

This description of service begins by offering readers a glimpse of life with this specific pain point alleviated (that is, a disorganized or dirty home). Later on in the service description, Molly Maid details why they can be trusted (they’re insured) and outlines specific benefits (“flexible scheduling without the pressure of contracts”).

Despite the length, this service description is broken up into readable pieces with bullet points and subheadings. Plus, the website is peppered with CTAs—on the top navigation pane, as well as at the bottom of this service description—which makes taking the next step (requesting a free estimate) easy for readers.

2. Amangiri

Amangiri is a luxury resort in Utah that offers a number of spa services. Here’s the description for its grounding rituals service:

“For those seeking reconnection, stillness and perspective, a range of treatments have been designed as a balm for the restlessness brought on by the frenetic pace of modern life. The Grounding Journey combines three such treatments to help guests reconnect to the earth and renew their sense of self. It begins with a body polish and wrap, followed by a full-body massage, and ends with a 45-minute Shirodhara scalp treatment. Each element builds on the one that came before it, ensuring guests leave in a state of profound contentment and security.”

Amangiri’s short but powerful description of service kicks off by speaking directly to its target customers’ needs and pain points, then establishes how each element of its service helps customers achieve their desired end state. This service description perfectly shows how to weave in brand voice by featuring the company’s consistently soothing, illustrative tone.

Win over more potential customers

A high-quality description of service should win over your target consumers and get them excited to buy—and you don’t have to be a wordsmith to craft marketing copy that pops. Figuring out how to write service descriptions starts by uncovering buyer motivations and finding the right keywords to include.

Once you’ve done your research, you can develop a compelling description filled with enticing benefits that speak directly to your shoppers’ needs and feel unique to your brand. Learn more about how to develop your brand personality so you can write effective product descriptions and service descriptions that are true to your brand identity.

The information above is provided for educational and informational purposes only. It is not intended to be a substitute for professional advice and may not be suitable for your circumstances. Unless stated otherwise, references to third-party links, services, or products do not constitute endorsement by Yelp.