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How Tempoe Entertainment DJs uses Yelp to champion customer service

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“Yelp’s free, easy, simple. It works—literally the best solution for your business.”
– Ryan G., Owner, Tempoe Entertainment DJs  Los Angeles, CA

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Ryan: Music brings everyone together. You’ll see people from all different cultures just join in for that song. I like being able to play for different crowds, seeing everyone on the dance floor having a great time, knowing that’s a moment they’re going to cherish forever.

My name is Ryan. I’m with Tempoe Entertainment DJs. We’re one of the highest-rated DJ companies in the area on Yelp. We’ve been in business for over 17 years.

I had a photographer that I was working with really closely at a wedding, and he told me about a really cool website where clients were able to review your past work, and I thought, gosh, that’s a great idea. Maybe that might be the wave of the future. He told me that the website was called Yelp. Honestly, it turned my life around.

Yelp gives a customer the opportunity to get to know your business without making a commitment. We actually ended up getting a lot of calls saying, “Hey, we’ve seen your reviews online and we really feel like you could do a great job.” And I was like, man, this is awesome. You could tell someone over the phone, I’ll do a great job for you. But when someone actually reads it, it’s a lot more impactful, and that’s exactly what Yelp has provided for us.

The biggest challenge starting my own DJ business was just learning everything from the bottom. I didn’t have any training videos or anything to watch online, so I had to just learn as I went.

You have to claim your website on Yelp. It’s so awesome being able to have that communication with your clients. It works tremendously. If you’re passionate about your business and you’re passionate about your skill set, what’s going to push your game to another level? I think we have so many great ratings because we specialize in customer service, taking care of our clients, making sure that their needs are met, and that we go in and we do a great job. Yelp’s free, easy, simple. It works. Literally the best solution for your business.

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