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Frequently Asked Questions

Program Benefits & Structure

What are the benefits to my agency of becoming a Yelp Advertising Partner?


As a member of the Yelp Advertising Partner Program, your agency will work directly with a dedicated support team who can assist with everything from providing training, consulting on specific clients, and sharing expertise to help you leverage the Yelp platform effectively. Yelp Advertising Partners also have the opportunity to earn additional revenue based on their clients’ spending, receive invites to exclusive feedback-gathering sessions and networking events, and participate in first-look product and feature pilots.

What are the benefits to my clients of working with a Yelp Advertising Partner?


Clients of Yelp Advertising Partners are eligible for bundled pricing, free upgrades, and ad credits that are exclusively available to Partner-managed businesses. This program also enables your clients to have all their digital advertising – on Yelp and beyond – overseen by and streamlined through a trusted point of contact (you!), so that they can focus on providing excellent service to their customers.

What are the requirements for becoming a Yelp Advertising Partner?


In order to achieve and maintain official partnership status, Yelp Advertising Partners must successfully complete a Yelp 101 training course on the fundamentals of Yelp advertising solutions, onboard at least one client with Yelp ad spend, and meet Yelp’s strict compliance guidelines related to reviews and platform usage.

Supporting Clients

How does Yelp benefit my clients?


A strong presence on Yelp will get your clients in front of purchase-ready customers at scale. Tens of millions of people use Yelp each month, and while most are undecided about who exactly to work with or buy from when searching the platform, almost all of them make a purchase after visiting. You can seize this opportunity for your clients to remain top-of-mind at the moment of decision.

How can I help my clients understand how their reviews are managed on Yelp?


It is important to clarify that whether your client chooses to advertise on Yelp or not has no bearing on the reviews that appear on their business’s listing. Yelp’s review recommendation software is designed to identify and recommend the most reliable and helpful content. More information can be found here.

Yelp Advertising Solutions

What does advertising on Yelp mean?


Yelp offers two main solutions that Partners can offer to their clients: search, or cost-per-click (CPC), advertising and Enhanced Profiles on Yelp. Additional upgrades and add-ons include listing optimizations like Business Highlights, License Verification, and Portfolios, and Yelp’s social media product Connect.

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