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Yelp Solutions

Yelp Advertising Partners make the most out of the local search platform by leveraging the below products, features, and functionality to get their clients in front of millions of people looking to buy, visit, or hire.

Yelp Ads

Your clients’ search ads on Yelp appear above organic search results and on their competitors’ pages, are targeted by location and category, and paid per click.


Create and manage ads with ease



Edit the photo and text in your client’s ad, or let Yelp’s algorithms optimize it for you



Meet your client’s goals by activating keyword targeting or adding an in-ad call-to-action button



Measure how ALL your clients’ ads are performing over time in one consolidated Partner dashboard

Enhanced Profiles

Upgrade your clients’ standard Yelp listing with features that convert page views into customers, including removing competitor ads, adding customized call-to-action buttons, and controlling their photo & video order. 


More add-ons to an Enhanced Profile

Business Highlights

Icons placed on your clients’ listing and search ad that convey their unique offerings

Verified License

A visual indicator that Yelp has manually reviewed and confirmed your client’s valid, state-issued trade license


Collections of images that you can curate to demonstrate your clients’ range and expertise


Drive brand recognition by featuring your clients’ logos in multiple, high-visibility areas on Yelp

Yelp Connect

Engage your clients’ customers with visual storytelling tool Yelp Connect. Keep people in the loop on what’s new, what’s unique, and what’s popular at your clients’ businesses by posting regular updates on this profile product that displays on their Yelp Business Page.

Yelp Connect example


Approved Yelp Advertising Partners who meet certain qualifications can access data and make campaign or business listing updates for clients through these available APIs:


Create, edit, pause, and make budget adjustments for multiple clients’ Enhanced Profiles and search campaigns at once. This API is  integrated with our marketing technology partner MatchCraft.

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Leads API

Improve lead response times by getting notified of, reading, and responding to leads generated by Yelp users. Import this lead data into your own CRM along with leads generated by other platforms.

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Reporting API

Retrieve daily or monthly client metrics on Yelp such as page views, leads, calls, or messages. This API is integrated with these third-party reporting platforms: AgencyAnalytics, Domo, Funnel, TapClicks.

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