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The Yelp Advertising Partner Program

Whether you provide digital advertising or marketing services to lawyers, beauticians, health practices, auto shops, contractors, and more—Yelp is committed to sitting on the same side of the table as you. Keep reading to discover how agencies like yours are rewarded through their Yelp partnerships.


Success Stories

Learn how Yelp Advertising Partners have benefited from joining the program

Case Studies


Cybertegic sees triple-digit percent increases in quality leads for their client

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How Shefa earns thousands in commission through their partnership

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VIIRL’s client generates multi-million dollar revenue through Yelp Ads

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Yelp Advertising Partner Benefits

In addition to providing resources, results, and revenue, Yelp works closely alongside agency partners to drive toward revenue targets – including Premier & Platinum statuses! – that unlock even more benefits.

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