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Free construction leads: 5 tips to build your contact list

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Key takeaways

  • Align your brand to the needs and values of your target market to attract quality leads who are good matches for your construction services
  • Network with potential customers and people who can connect you to more members of your target market to generate as many leads as possible
  • Add contact forms to your website and online listings to give potential leads easy ways to provide their contact info

In the construction business, it’s crucial to build a reliable list of leads—that is, potential customers your team can contact and market to at any time. Having plenty of quality leads means you can line up construction projects from connections you’ve already made instead of dealing with the uncertainty of where your next job will come from.

The best part: Your lead generation strategy doesn’t have to cost you a dime. While U.S. businesses spend over $2 billion on digital lead generation every year, your construction company can use equally effective tactics that don’t dig into your ad budget. Here are five tips for getting free construction leads no matter what types of projects your company specializes in.

1. Cater your brand to your target market

A great brand doesn’t instantly bring new leads, but it plays a key role in helping potential customers decide that your business is the right match. When your small business branding speaks to the needs and values of your target market, you can naturally stand out and attract leads who are likely to choose your construction business over others. In fact, 70% of global consumers tend to purchase from brands that align with their values.

First, do market research to determine what your ideal customers want from construction companies like yours, then cater your brand to those needs. For example, if you’re selling to homeowners seeking greener residential construction services, you can position your brand as an eco-friendly business with environmental values. Your brand marketing could highlight your commitment to using recyclable and durable materials, while your slogan could clearly state “upcycled construction services for eco-conscious consumers.”

2. Network with potential customers on LinkedIn


Clients in the construction industry often aren’t consumers themselves. Even if you offer residential services, many of your construction jobs may come from real estate developers and other professional clients. If you offer commercial construction services, most, if not all, of your leads will be local business owners or decision makers.

When selling services to other businesses, it’s important to personalize information to customers’ needs. Over 40% of U.S. marketers agree that one-on-one outreach is the top factor that leads to successful business-to-business (B2B) lead generation.

Using LinkedIn for direct outreach is an effective way to gain free construction leads. Since LinkedIn is a social media platform—one that’s not as formal as email or as time-consuming as cold calls—it’s a great channel to start forming relationships with professionals who might need construction services now or in the future.

To effectively network on LinkedIn, use the app’s search functionality to identify decision makers at your target businesses based on their job titles. Then, request a phone call, video call, or meeting with each sales prospect by sending a direct message—one that’s personalized with their name, company, industry, and needs. This will allow you to capture the contact information of interested leads and further your conversation and marketing efforts on other channels.

3. Take part in professional associations

Professional associations like the American Subcontractor Association and the Associated General Contractors of America have national and local events that make it easy to connect with others in the construction industry. While you likely won’t meet members of your target market at these events, you can network with other professionals who may have project leads better fit for your company than their own. For instance, if you own a construction business that offers roofing services, you can get referrals from the owner of a home improvement brand that only works on home interiors.

Odds are, referrals won’t be immediate. After getting business cards from networking events, continue to follow up with the people you met. Build long-term relationships with those who work in construction by regularly engaging with them and their business on social media and sending them relevant referrals when possible.

4. Create a valuable email newsletter

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Potential customers need a good reason to give you their contact information. An email newsletter that offers value every week or every month can inspire your target market to become subscribers who then continue engaging with your brand over time. For example, if you want to attract homeowners, you can send emails with updates on home design and landscaping trends that give them inspiration for a new build or home renovation project.

An effective email marketing strategy can also keep your past customers engaged until they’re ready to chat with your team about new projects.

5. Optimize your online presence with contact forms

Making it easy for potential customers to provide their contact information can help you increase the number of free construction leads you receive. One of the simplest ways to do so is by adding a contact form to your construction website. As people scroll through your site and learn about your brand and services, your contact form can offer a convenient way for them to request more information so you don’t lose any interested visitors.

Your business website isn’t the only channel you can use to collect contact info. You can also add a contact form to your Facebook page using a third-party app like Jotform. Setting up contact forms outside of your website can help you get new leads on platforms where potential clients are first learning about your brand.

When you add or claim your Yelp Business Page, you can also get job requests from users actively searching for construction services. When they tap “Request a Consultation” or “Request a Quote” on your business listing, they’ll be prompted to enter details about their construction needs so you can determine if your business is the right fit for their project. 

To make the most of your Yelp Business Page and impress potential clients, add high-quality photos of your past construction projects, update your business details, and respond to customer reviews.

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You don’t need to pay for expensive lead generation services to gain new leads. With the right strategy, you can earn free construction leads—and as a result, win more construction bids while improving your bottom line.

Start by catering your brand to the needs and values of your target market. Then, implement email marketing tactics, optimize your online presence, and network with people who would be ideal clients or who can provide great referrals.

Next, attract and engage leads effectively through email marketing. Discover helpful tips on how to build an email list to captivate more quality leads.

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