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Be found by new customers for free with a Yelp Business listing

When people can find your up-to-date page on Yelp, they’re more likely to buy from you.

In fact, 83% of Yelp users say they hire or buy from a business they found on Yelp.1

1 - Based on a survey conducted by Yelp in August 2022. Methodology used ComScore demographics and people who reported having used Yelp in the prior 3 months

First, catch the eye of new customers

80+ million people visit Yelp each month.2
Make it easier for local customers to find you
by keeping your business page current.

Make updates like:

  • Adding your business services
  • Sharing unique attributes of your business
  • Posting photos with informative captions

Then, give them the info they need

Just having your business name on your Yelp Page isn’t enough. Help customers get to know your business by sharing important information, like:

  • Up-to-date business hours, including holiday hour changes
  • The story and history of your business, so customers can get to know you better
  • Link to additional information, your website, and more, so customers can explore as much as they’d like

Finally, connect

A business page both shows off your expertise and gives you ways to directly interact with customers.

  • Let them contact you by adding your phone number and address
  • Receive messages or requests for calls, quotes, and more
  • Respond to reviews and show customers you value their opinion
2 - Comscore Media Metrix®, as of March 2022

A Yelp Business Page includes:

Exposure in search results

Select the categories, services, and service area that are most relevant to your business so the right people can find you while searching

Contact information

Add your phone number and address to easily connect with customers

Hours of operation

Add your regular business hours, and easily make updates for holidays, vacations, or other special dates

Unlimited photos and videos

Post photos and videos that showcase your expertise like a thousand words can

Two-way customer messaging

Get direct messages or requests for phone calls, quotes, consultations, or other information from potential customers

Unique business details

Showcase your specialties, amenities, business story, and even a little bit about yourself

Ratings and reviews

Build a reputation on Yelp by receiving and responding to ratings and reviews from past, present, and future customers

Links to more information

Give people even more detail about your business by linking to your website or menu (or both!)

Performance tracking and analytics

Track page views, leads, and other activity to learn more about people visiting your page

Got a question?

Is a Yelp Business Page free?


Yes. There is no charge to create a Yelp Business Page.

How do I create a business page on Yelp?


Go to and simply enter your business name to get started.

How much does it cost to put your business on Yelp?


$0. There is no charge for listing your business on Yelp.

What does it mean to claim a business on Yelp?


A “claimed” Business Page is one that has been claimed by the owner or representative of the business through our verification process. Claiming is free, and a claimed page does not mean that the business is a paid advertiser with Yelp.

How do I promote my business on Yelp?


The first step is getting your business on Yelp by creating a free Yelp Business Page. This allows your business to appear in the “organic” search results so you can be found when someone searches for the products, services, and specialties you offer in the geographic area you’re listed in.

Once you have a verified free business page set up, you can promote your products, services, and specialties on your page for free, using your own photos and words. Businesses looking for additional tools to stand out and attract more customers to their page can pay to access the features in the Upgrade Package. Businesses that want to get additional exposure and more leads can choose to promote their business page in the “Sponsored Results” sections with Yelp Ads.

How long does it take to approve a business?


Most new Business Pages are approved and listed on Yelp within 24 hours; however, some pages may take longer to approve if further verification is required by Yelp’s moderation team.

How do businesses use Yelp?


While it varies based on their unique needs, most businesses use Yelp to establish an online presence, manage their reputation, and get new customers so they can grow their business. Yelp created Yelp for Business to provide free self-serve tools that make it easy for businesses to share their photos, hours of operation, services, and other important information on Yelp. Businesses start by creating a new Business Page, or claiming an existing page via the Yelp for Business app, or by visiting Once listed on Yelp, they can be found by people searching for their products or services, and give these potential customers the information they need to make a decision. Businesses can update their business information, add new photos, or make other changes to their page 24/7 from their Yelp for Business account. Businesses also have the option to pay to upgrade their page with the Upgrade Package, or drive more leads to their business with Yelp Ads.

How do I edit my Yelp page?


To edit your page, navigate to the tab labeled “Business Information” from your free Yelp for Business account. You can access your account through the free Yelp for Business app, or log in from

How can I advertise my business for free?


Yelp offers both free and paid products to help promote your business. Our free Yelp Business Page service gets your business listed in organic search results on Yelp at no cost. This business listing page can be found by potential customers as they search on Yelp and gives you access to over 20 free page features that can be used to feature your products, services and specialties on your page. If you want to get additional exposure, our paid product Yelp Ads enables you to use your advertising budget dollars to appear in the “Sponsored Results” sections on Yelp.

How will people find my Business Page on Yelp?


Potential new customers will be able to find your business on Yelp by searching the categories or keywords related to your business, in your service area or the city where your business is located. Existing customers, or those who know you by name, will be able to find your business by searching for your business name, in your service area or the city where your business is located.

Will customers be able to contact me from my free Business Page?


Yes. There are multiple ways that people can contact you after finding your listing on Yelp. Depending on the information you choose to share for your business, people may call you, visit your website, visit your location, or use Yelp’s free messaging tools to send you a direct message, requesting a quote, consultation or other information.

I completed the process. Why don’t I see my page live on Yelp?


All new businesses go through a review process by Yelp’s moderation team before appearing on Yelp. If you successfully completed the process of claiming your free Business Page (you created a business listing, a Yelp for Business login, and successfully verified your information) and you’re still not seeing your business listed, it may still be in review.