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How to get moving leads: 5 useful and affordable tips

How to get moving leads: 5 useful and affordable tips

Key takeaways

  • Referrals from other business owners and past clients are some of the strongest sources for moving leads
  • Online ads can put your moving company in front of the most relevant users for an affordable price
  • Offering an incentive, such as a free moving quote, in exchange for contact information can help you gain quality leads fast

When your business revolves around helping people leave your service area, your customer base is unique from other local businesses. The moving industry rarely sees the same customer more than once a year. In the United States, the average person moves fewer than 12 times in their entire life. Although this makes customer retention difficult, other marketing strategies can keep customers coming—and going—at a steady rate.

As you build a brand identity, your moving business can leverage relationships, online ads, and more to generate new moving leads. Here are five tips to guide your lead generation efforts that won’t cost a fortune.

1. Build a brand for your ideal client

In order to attract new leads, your branding should be consistent and memorable. Great small business branding sets you apart from competitors and speaks directly to your target market’s needs. Everything from your logo to your key marketing messages should communicate your company’s mission and values, helping customers trust in your professionalism.

If you’re just starting a moving company, choosing a company name is your first real branding opportunity. Consider using your brand name to convey your region as well as your niche (“Utah Long-Distance Movers”) or value (“Utah Lightning Fast Movers”).

As you build the visual and strategic aspects of your brand—like your logo and color scheme—keep all elements consistent across platforms. When a client recognizes your message online and off, you can boost your revenue by as much as 23%.

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2. Network with local business owners

Networking with other business owners can be highly effective for moving lead generation. Moving comes with a lot of logistics, and clients may face decision fatigue quickly. When you join forces with brands that offer complementary services—such as real estate appraisers or contractors—you can streamline the customer’s process through a network of referrals.

Start by getting to know other business owners personally. Get a feel for their company values, how they interact with their customers, and the quality of their work—and let them get to know you too. This way, you can both feel confident sending clients to each other.

However, you don’t always have to make two-way referrals after networking. Some businesses, like apartment complexes and real estate agents, could give you a high volume of high-quality leads, but may not benefit from your customer base: people who’ve already secured housing. Consider offering these brands commission for exclusively referring clients to you. Finder’s fees commonly range from 5%-35%.

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3. Tap into online advertising

Internet marketing, a surefire method for attracting new customers, gets an extra boost when you pay for digital advertising. While a standard (or organic) social media post will be viewed by your followers—many of whom may have already completed a move—a social media ad shows up in the feeds of your target clients. 

Online ads help your brand gain visibility by placing it in prime locations where moving leads may be looking. For example, Yelp Ads and search engine ads will place your business listing or website above search results for relevant users and search terms.

A simple pricing model also means that instead of paying thousands for a TV or print ad, you can boost your return on investment (ROI). On channels like Yelp, you only pay when you receive a click—and you can adjust your cost per click by adjusting your audience size or keywords. If you invest in online ads, be sure to track the performance of each ad weekly. Most platforms offer real-time metrics, so you can adjust your ad strategy when you notice patterns in what’s working and what’s not.

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4. Build a referral program

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In a digital world, word of mouth is still one of the most powerful forms of marketing. Studies show consumers trust each other more than companies, and their support acts as validation for your brand. Compared to other marketing channels, referrals lead to higher conversion rates—or the amount of people who turn from moving leads into buyers.

You may have loyal buyers who you can leverage to gain new customers, but it’s important to follow up quickly. Asking for referrals within a week after a successful move—when clients are still in a honeymoon period and ecstatic about their new home—can help you get the best moving leads. As soon as you know a client’s happy, whether that’s through a phone call, email, or survey, encourage them to recommend you to their family and friends.

Ongoing incentives for referrals can also help you create a continuous flow of moving leads. Offer a gift card or other reward to anyone who sends you a successful lead, and promote your referral program on your other marketing channels.

5. Offer moving resources as lead magnets

For first-time homeowners and other potential moving leads, moving can be an intimidating process. As they begin to compare moving service providers, many also look for guidance online. 

Your potential customers may want to know how to get the best deal, when to book, or even how to pack for a long-distance move. To make the most of this opportunity, create lead magnets, which are incentives used to gather a customer’s contact information. Lead magnets should be free resources that your clients are looking for, such as an in-home moving estimate or quote, a moving checklist, or a discount on truck rental services. In exchange, they’ll supply their email and phone number for more information. Be sure you get their permission to collect their information and market to them, and then use it to distribute effective email marketing campaigns.

Add lead magnets to relevant pages on your website and promote the web page using online ads and other marketing channels. You can also promote your lead magnets through online platforms like Yelp by using the customizable Call to Action button or Yelp Connect.

Captivate more moving leads

Millions of people move within the United States every year. Tapping into this market starts with building a strong brand and harnessing new digital channels to attract the right moving leads for your business.

As you start to gain referrals—whether they’re from clients, business partners, or online ads—learn how to refine your moving company business plan to impress potential customers and hone your marketing strategy.

The information above is provided for educational and informational purposes only. It is not intended to be a substitute for professional advice and may not be suitable for your circumstances. Unless stated otherwise, references to third-party links, services, or products do not constitute endorsement by Yelp.