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6 yoga marketing strategies to grow your business fast

Yoga marketing: yoga teacher teaching a class in her studio

Key takeaways

  • Video content can help captivate users from the yoga influencer market across social media platforms
  • Optimize your blog posts and web pages to get in front of consumers searching for yoga studios
  • Targeted online ads can help increase signups or studio visits without breaking the bank

Running a yoga studio isn’t all about helping students perfect their poses in yoga class. If you want more clients to teach, you also need to stretch your business strategy—starting by reaching out to potential customers on the platforms they love.

For many yoga businesses, digital marketing can increase your visibility in places where clients are already searching for yoga content and instruction: on social media, review platforms, and more. Consider the following six tactics to add to your yoga marketing strategy so your yoga business is poised for success.

1. Social media marketing

Yoga influencers can garner large and loyal followings on every social media platform. Especially as yoga studios struggled through the pandemic, more and more yoga professionals—both aspiring yogis and professional instructors–attracted millions of users looking to learn new yoga poses and tips for at-home wellness. 

One of the most engaging ways to show off your yoga expertise is through video, such as live streams. Videos already generate more traffic than any other type of content on social media channels, and customers are more likely to share or even make a purchase after viewing. Consider posting tutorials on your YouTube channel, leading a free online yoga session on a live stream, or creating short-form yoga jargon explainers on TikTok.

Social media marketing also allows yoga teachers to engage with current subscribers and potential students and turn them into loyal clients. For example, you can use this channel to respond to questions, share content from students, and more. Start by finding a relevant hashtag (like #yogastudio or #yogaNYC) to connect with a larger audience or create your own hashtag, so students can join in on the conversation. 

Professional yoga instructors can also collaborate with social media influencers who embody the same brand values and target audience. If you create engaging content that local influencers like or even promote, you can attract some of these new students.

2. Online review management

Yoga studio owner working on her yoga marketing

Over 90% of consumers read online reviews regularly—and most form an opinion about a business after reading just one to six. If you want to foster trust with customers looking for a studio, an online review strategy is crucial for your yoga marketing plan.

The way you engage with reviews says a lot about the quality of your customer care. When you claim your Yelp Business Page, you can make a good impression by responding to every review (even negative ones) in a timely, professional manner. 

Your commitment to thanking clients and listening to feedback about your yoga practice shows off your customer service efforts and can even encourage clients to return. Given that 92% of Yelp users seek local businesses they can return to, a well-maintained page can help grow your customer base and improve customer retention.

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3. Blogging

Yoga instructors can also excel in the world of content marketing, which involves using content, like blog posts, to drive potential clients to your yoga website. When customers are using search engines or social media to look for yoga content, posts by trustworthy instructors may gain their attention

Blogging also offers value to your customers by answering specific questions or explaining yoga topics. For example, you can write blog posts on how yoga can improve mental health, the benefits of specific yoga poses, or how yoga can impact overall well-being.

When implementing this yoga marketing idea, use search engine optimization (SEO). Pages with more SEO value will show up higher on relevant results pages, giving your post more visibility to online searchers. Here are some ways to boost your pages’ SEO:

  • Include keywords (like “best yoga class” or “yoga retreat“) within your content when relevant; free keyword research tools can help you find the most-searched terms for your industry or target audience
  • Add the blog post links to other pages on your website, like your home page or class list page, and to one another when applicable
  • Try to get your links included on other relevant sites with strong domain authority

You can also use these blog posts in your email marketing, on social media, and more.

4. Website optimization

Yoga studio owner working on the floor

Website optimization can help your yoga website attract readers who are searching for yoga-related topics online. Search engines today pay attention to how easy your website is to use, so they can offer searchers better quality results. 

To ensure your website is optimized, implement the following:

  • Reduce page load speeds: Monitor how long it takes for your website content to fully display on a user’s screen (reducing image file sizes can help)
  • Streamline your navigation: Organize and declutter your navigation—which refers to the tools used to navigate your website, such as your menu bar and footer
  • Design your website for mobile: Test your website on mobile devices, so that you harness the majority of global website traffic that comes from these devices; many website building programs include mobile display and optimization options

Once you optimize your yoga site for search engines, you can also optimize it for lead acquisition—meaning you ask for potential students to provide their contact information, so you can follow up later. 

Start by adding contact forms to your web pages. To attract and incentivize subscribers, you can offer exclusive content, discounts, and more. Clearly indicate your contact details on your website’s footer and contact page, so visitors can also reach out directly.

5. Online advertising

You don’t have to spend money on yoga marketing to get new students through your doors. But if you’re aiming for dramatic growth, yoga advertising is a cost-effective option. 

Online ads are paid promotions that allow your brand to show up in prime locations on users’ screens: above search results on search engines, on social media feeds, or even on competitors’ Yelp Pages with Yelp Ads.

Unlike traditional advertisements like TV ads or print ads, which require brands to pay fees to show up for a mass audience, online ads allow small businesses to target their ideal customers. You choose your ad’s audience—based on demographics, interests, or location—and pay only when potential customers click. 

Most online advertising platforms are flexible, meaning you can start or stop whenever you like. You can also decide how much you want to spend, including setting a max budget to help you stay within your comfort level.

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6. Branding

Consistent and distinct branding creates a seamless experience for potential students and can also make your yoga brand more memorable. Recognizable elements help customers follow your brand across channels and take your marketing campaigns to the next level. For example, when you’re constantly using the same color or shape—think CorePower Yoga’s round, yellow logo—people start associating those brand elements with your yoga studio

Start by creating brand guidelines to keep team members on the same page and align your marketing efforts. Brand guidelines can include:

Enhance your yoga marketing

Studio owners who tap into online marketing can reach potential students in the digital space. Video marketing helps your studio capture attention on social media with just a smartphone or camera. When you’re ready to invest, spending it on online ads ensures every cent goes to targeting the ideal customers for your yoga practice.

Once you’ve implemented the yoga marketing tips listed in this article, learn about the types of digital advertising to promote your yoga studio.

The information above is provided for educational and informational purposes only. It is not intended to be a substitute for professional advice and may not be suitable for your circumstances. Unless stated otherwise, references to third-party links, services, or products do not constitute endorsement by Yelp.