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6 cleaning service advertisement ideas for faster growth

Cleaning service advertisement: cleaners cleaning a house

Key takeaways

  • Offer visual evidence of your high-quality work by sharing before-and-after photos and videos of your cleaning process
  • Tailor your message to your target audience and include a clear call to action at the end of every ad to capture leads
  • Advertise on online review sites to make your cleaning business more visible to clients who may need your services

When you want to grow your cleaning company, a good marketing strategy is an important part of attracting new clients, but to accelerate growth you should include paid ads as part of your digital marketing plan. Cleaning service advertisements that display your messaging in highly visible locations make it easier for more of the right people to find your business. Learn how to build effective ad campaigns that convince cleaning clients to choose your brand over your competitors.

6 cleaning service advertisement ideas

Effective cleaning service advertisements combine a number of elements: satisfying visuals, actionable copy, and the special elements of your unique brand. When you know how to create great ads—and choose the best channels to advertise on—you can boost the performance of your cleaning marketing strategy and grow your profits. Here are six ways to build effective ad campaigns.

1. Share your cleaning process

These days, cleaning videos are going viral across social media platforms. Cleaning TikTok accounts have amassed millions of followers, while YouTube has seen a 50% increase in “clean with me” videos. There’s a scientifically proven satisfaction to watching deep cleaning videos and seeing a room go from messy to pristine or an item go from stained to spotless.

When you create a video ad that shows your cleaning process—including the techniques and cleaning supplies you use—you’re not only attracting potential clients and raising brand awareness, but you’re also offering visual evidence that you know what you’re doing. In each video, capture a specific cleaning service you offer. For example, you can do a time-lapse of your carpet cleaning process or break down your window cleaning into steps.

Your videos can also show that your cleaning process is more complex than the DIY methods homeowners use, which encourages them to outsource to your team.

2. Show off your before and afters

Cleaning service advertisement: vacuum cleaner

Before-and-after photos can make stunning additions to your cleaning service advertisements, whether you’re running a social media campaign or creating a cleaning service flyer for direct mail. By showing off the results of your professional cleaning services, you offer proof to potential customers that you can make a drastic difference in their lives.

Choose before-and-after photos that show off your most high-quality transformations, like a grimy kitchen that becomes sparkling clean.

3. Align your cleaning service ads with your brand

Any cleaning service business can perform cleaning jobs, but your brand personality should set you apart. Your brand—including the company values you commit to and the tone of voice your team members use in communications—creates a unique, personal identity that keeps your current clients coming back and providing referrals to new customers.

To attract new customers, find ways to align your cleaning service advertisements with your brand. For example, if you’re running a house cleaning ad, your brand might be friendly, punny, and casual, or it could be classy, refined, and more formal, depending on your chosen target market. Using your brand elements like consistent colors, fonts, and graphic design elements in your ad copy and other visuals can also make your ads more eye-catching and your company easier to remember.

4. Include a clear call to action

Once your cleaning service ad gets people interested, it’s important to collect their contact information and generate leads instead of letting potential clients slip away. At the end of your ad copy, include a clear call to action (CTA) that tells clients the next steps they should take. Here are a few examples of CTAs that can effectively boost your lead acquisition efforts:

  • Join our email list for weekly cleaning tips
  • Get a free quote by calling 555-555-5555
  • Sign up for limited-time discount pricing on home cleaning services

If you’re using a call to action that simply drives customers to your website (like “learn more”), optimize your site for lead generation before you run your cleaning service advertisement: Make it easy for customers to find your contact information—including your phone number, email address, and business address—and include a contact form on every web page where relevant.

5. Tailor your message to your target audience

Cleaners cleaning a building

One of the best perks of running digital advertisements is being able to target specific segments of your target market—such as property managers in Los Angeles or affluent homeowners in New York—instead of sending out one ad to a mass audience. This means each of your ad campaigns can speak directly to a niche audience’s needs.

Consider the pain points of the people you want to reach, then show how your cleaning company can add value to your clients’ lives. For example, if the target audience for your house cleaning business is millennial parents, they’re likely dealing with the pains of balancing work, family, and friends on top of other responsibilities. Your ad can highlight how your house cleaning services help them save time on chores and spend more time with their young children. Or you could mention how your company uses nontoxic, eco-friendly, kid- and pet-safe cleaning products.

On the other hand, if you’re running an ad to promote your commercial cleaning services, you can get better results by focusing on how your team helps business owners operate more efficiently by outsourcing this service and making their establishment more appealing to customers.

6. Promote your cleaning company on online review sites

Whether they need office or residential cleaning services, many people search for reviews and testimonials from real-life clients. As a result, many potential clients use online review sites like Yelp during their search. Running ads on these platforms allows you to increase the visibility of your business listing.

After you claim your Yelp Business Page, you can run Yelp Ads which displays your business listing in a number of key places on the site and app, including above relevant search results and on your competitors’ pages. Your cleaning business gets on your target market’s radar faster—and you won’t have to worry about spending more than your small business can afford. You can set your own budget and only pay when your ad gets a click.

Before you launch your first Yelp ad, complete your Yelp Business Page with high-quality pictures, update your business information, and respond professionally to customer reviews to impress potential clients.

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Attracting more clients to your cleaning company

As a cleaning business owner, you always want new customers coming in. Paid cleaning service advertisements increase your company’s visibility so you can generate leads and achieve more sales faster. 

Attract potential clients with cleaning videos and before-and-after photos on highly visual marketing channels like social media. You can run ads on Yelp to attract shoppers who are comparing reviews for local cleaning companies like yours.

No matter what channel you’re using to advertise, align your ads with your unique brand to stand out from your competitors. When your advertising channel allows, add a call to action to encourage potential clients to leave their contact information so you can follow up.

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