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Your business gets hired with even more confidence

Your customers get coverage up to $2,500 at no cost to you*

When your business is backed by Yelp Guaranteed, your customers have peace of mind, knowing their project is protected up to $2,500, subject to terms. 

Yelp Guaranteed is for eligible businesses with Yelp Ads and Request a Quote enabled. 

*When a customer hires a business with a Yelp Guaranteed badge through Yelp by requesting a quote, consultation, or virtual consultation, we guarantee the customer’s projects up to a lifetime max of $2,500 if something goes wrong. Subject to the limitations and eligibility requirements in Yelp Guaranteed Consumer Terms.


Yelp features your business

When eligible, your business gets highlighted as Yelp Guaranteed when customers search on Yelp to start their project, giving you more opportunities to get noticed.


Ready-to-hire customers notice you

Customers are requesting-a-quote because they want to hire a business. They will see your business is backed by Yelp Guaranteed on your Business Page and their Request a Quote messages.


You’re chosen with confidence

Being backed by Yelp Guaranteed helps customers hire you with even more confidence because their project is protected up to a lifetime maximum of $2,500 if something goes wrong.

How your business is featured as
Yelp Guaranteed

Your business is shown in Yelp Guaranteed
search results

Yelp Guaranteed Badge is displayed on your Business Page under Request a Quote

Got a question?

How does my business become eligible for Yelp Guaranteed?


Yelp Guaranteed is currently available for eligible businesses in select service categories and locations that have Request a Quote enabled and are using Yelp Ads. Yelp dynamically looks at a variety of qualification factors to determine if a business is eligible for Yelp Guaranteed, which can change from time to time based on eligibility requirements and new information.

Interested in using Yelp Ads? Learn more about Yelp Ads.

Is there a cost for my business to be backed by Yelp Guaranteed?


There is no cost to participate in the Yelp Guaranteed program. If customers hire a Yelp Guaranteed business through Request a Quote, Yelp will offer them a project satisfaction guarantee up to a lifetime maximum of $2,500, and at no cost to you.

Can I opt out of Yelp Guaranteed?


Eligible businesses are automatically enrolled in the Yelp Guaranteed program. You can opt out by contacting customer success at 855-380-9357. If you choose to opt out, please allow approximately five business days for your business to be removed from the Yelp Guaranteed program.

Will my business always remain in the Yelp Guaranteed program?


Yelp is continuously assessing eligibility. You can check your status in the program by logging into your Yelp for Business account on desktop, clicking the Business Information tab, and clicking "View as consumer." You will see if you have the Yelp Guaranteed badge in your Request a Quote section.

How does the Yelp Guaranteed program work?


1. When a customer hires an eligible business through Yelp’s Request a Quote, Request a Consultation, or Request a Virtual Consultation feature, the customer will automatically be eligible for Yelp Guaranteed for that project.

2. If the customer is not satisfied with the quality of work performed by the business or the business failed to perform the agreed work, the customer should let the business know right away, and the customer should try to resolve any issue with the hired business directly as the first step.

3. If the customer is unable to resolve their concerns directly with the business, they can submit a Refund Request Form within 30 days after the date of last payment to the business for the project.

4. Yelp will reach out to the business to get their perspective, and based on our evaluation, Yelp may reimburse the customer up to the lesser of (a) the amount customer paid the business for the project, or (b) $2,500, subject to the Yelp Guaranteed Consumer Terms.

Learn more about the Yelp Guaranteed program.