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How Insectek Pest Solutions achieved explosive revenue and customer growth with Yelp

Case Study

“We had explosive growth from years two to three, and it was very dependent on Yelp.”

– Ben McAvoy, Owner, Insectek Pest Solutions, and Yelp advertiser  Phoenix, AZ

Ben recommends: Yelp Ads | Upgrade Package

“Yelp provides us with revenue and a ton of really well-qualified leads. These are bottom-funnel leads, people who are ready to sign a deal. We found out really early on that if we put more money into Yelp Ads, we would get a fantastic return on investment.”

— Ben McAvoy, owner of Insectek Pest Solutions and Yelp advertiser


Insectek Pest Solutions opened in 2013 to fill a need for comprehensive pest control services in the Phoenix area. Owners Ben and Jenny McAvoy hit the ground running with Yelp Ads and saw growth of 300% in their first year and 150% growth entering their third year in business. Over a decade later, they now gross over three million in annual revenue. With Yelp, Insectek has achieved:

  • $290,000 in additional annual revenue
  • 2,146 annual leads
  • $300 in revenue per call
  • 45% close rate


The McAvoys started Insectek to bring empathetic, technology-driven pest control to Phoenix when their experiences as customers of other companies felt lacking. The business provides prevention, extermination, and removal services and is known for its trustworthy technicians, communicative customer service, and seamless experience.


With limited pest control experience and a brand new business to build, the McAvoys hit a wall with door-to-door sales and had to find a new way to kickstart cash flow. They needed to attract a steady clientele and build a reputation for providing reliable service that prioritizes the customer experience.


Ben knew advertising would be key to getting his business off the ground and chose Yelp Ads, which displayed the business in key places on the Yelp website, app, and competitors’ Yelp Pages, to help him achieve his revenue and customer acquisition goals. In just eight months, Insectek reached the break-even point and began generating profit. Today, Insectek earns over 2,100 annual leads and converts 45% of them to paying customers.

In addition to Yelp Ads, Ben recommends the Upgrade Package, which helps businesses boost the appeal of their pages and grab the attention of potential customers. It includes a combination of Yelp’s best tools, such as Business Highlights, Call to Action, Logo, and more. These tools enable Insectek to connect with potential and existing customers and highlight their expertise and professionalism.

“We saw very early on that reviews are everything. One thing I could see as daunting for new businesses on Yelp is how to compete against companies that have a lot of reviews and have been in business for a decade or more—but you’ve gotta do it. You have to be on Yelp, and you have to cultivate great reviews.”

— Ben McAvoy

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