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How Rescue Air uses Yelp to capture leads and drive long-term ROI

Case Study

“Yelp is unique in that it provides me with customers who are loyal and drive strong long-term return.”

– Josh Campbell, Owner, Rescue Air, and Yelp advertiser  Dallas, TX

Josh recommends: Yelp Ads | Yelp Connect

“Over the last nine years, Yelp has helped me transform my business and grow revenue from $500k in my first year to over $20 million in 2022.”

— Josh Campbell, owner of Rescue Air and Yelp advertiser


Rescue Air and Plumbing opened in January 2014, and owner Josh Campbell knew he needed exposure to make it in the competitive Dallas market. He started advertising with Yelp Ads and, nine years later, is still seeing the benefits that helped Rescue Air become a multi-million dollar business. With Yelp, Rescue Air has achieved:

  • 5,663 annual leads
  • 2,700 total inbound calls
  • $370 in revenue per call
  • 72% close rate


Josh Campbell, a fourth generation mechanical contractor, started Rescue Air in 2014 with the mission of caring about each individual customer and operating with small town values. The company provides air conditioning repair, heating, and plumbing services in the Dallas area and is known for its fast response times, highly knowledgeable experts, and superior customer experience.


While Josh already had years of experience in the field, he was starting a new HVAC company from scratch and needed to stand out in a competitive market. He knew customer acquisition, especially with a small marketing budget, would be a significant challenge. He also needed to make sure he could build Rescue Air’s reputation and earn lifelong customers.


With the goal of attracting new customers, Josh filled out his Yelp Business Page and immediately invested in Yelp Ads, which displayed the business in key places on the Yelp website, the App, and competitors’ Yelp Pages.This allowed the business to get in front of more of its ideal customers more often. Paired with the free Request a Quote feature, allowing staff to chat directly with high-intent leads, Rescue Air not only got people’s attention, it captured their business—resulting in a 72% close rate over the last nine years.

When it came to retaining customers, Rescue Air found Yelp Connect and engaging with customer reviews to be invaluable. These tactics help the business create personal relationships with clients and make adjustments based on customer feedback to continue their pursuit of providing a memorable experience.

“My formula to success is simple: Focus on the lifetime value of customers. Yelp is unique in that it provides me with customers who are loyal and drive strong long-term return. Beyond utilizing the platform to gauge our performance via reviews, I find tremendous value in Yelp’s local ads and Request a Quote feature, which I rely on for a steady inbound pipeline of leads.”

— Josh Campbell

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