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How to Leverage Change and Adapt Faster

With Jason Feifer

61 minutes

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We all know that change is inevitable, and it’s important to adapt with the times, especially when it comes to running a business. But how exactly can and should you adapt? How do you know how much change to accept, and how can you leverage that change when it’s time?

As the editor in chief of Entrepreneur magazine and host of podcast Problem Solvers, Jason Feifer has spent years chatting with entrepreneurs of all types—from actor (and marketing expert) Ryan Reynolds to TV home makeover star Chip Gaines—analyzing their strategies for embracing and leveraging change. Through these countless conversations, he’s developed a proven strategy for bettering your business through change.

In this fireside chat-style webinar with Yelp’s Small Business Expert Emily Washcovick, Jason will share insightful details from his interviews plus guidance on how to:

  • Manage the four stages of change—plus strategies for getting through those phases faster
  • Understand the underlying value of everything you do with the phrase “But really…”
  • Embrace failure as an opportunity to define your future path
  • Achieve your “wouldn’t go back” moment

These tips and more come from Jason’s newest book, Build for Tomorrow.


Jason Feifer Editor in Chief of Entrepreneur magazine

Jason Feifer is the editor in chief of Entrepreneur magazine, a podcast host, book author, keynote speaker, startup advisor, and nonstop optimism machine. His goal is to help you become more resilient and adaptable in a world of constant change so you can seize new opportunities before anyone else does.


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