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Topic: Biz Bites


Biz Bites: How to Get Yelp Reviews Without Asking

This episode breaks down five things businesses can do to encourage customers to share their experiences in a Yelp review.
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Biz Bites: Black History Month & Identity Marketing

As we celebrate Black History Month, learn about ways to leverage heritage months and other times of celebration that align with your business and background.
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Biz Bites: AI & ChatGPT for Business Owners

Unlock the power of ChatGPT and AI to optimize your small business operations, simplifying tasks like tax preparation and seamlessly creating a social media content calendar.
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Biz Bites: New Year, New Business Goals

Explore practical strategies for small businesses in setting realistic and attainable goals for the upcoming year in the fifth episode of the "Biz Bites" series.
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Biz Bites: Encouraging Engagement With Your Customers Online

In this episode we discuss ways to connect with your customers online, and encourage them to share experiences with your business digitally.
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Biz Bites: Planning For Seasonality & Holiday Bursts

Get advice and tips for using the holidays to connect with customers and generate support for your business.
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Biz Bites: Tapping Into Culture, Trends & Local Events

Emily Washcovick explores how small businesses can tap into culture, trends, and local events to create a buzz and connect with customers.
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Biz Bites Translating Your In-Person Experience Online

Biz Bites: Translating Your In-Person Experience Online

Our first "Biz Bites" episode explores the critical concept of translating your in-store consumer experience into a compelling online presence.
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