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Local Business Summit 2024

Yelp’s 2024 Local Business Summit was a day full of business insights and expert advice. Check out recordings of all the sessions—from the headlining event with Chef Roy Choi to establishing financial strength for growth.
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Small Business Roundtable: The Challenges Facing Black Business Owners Today

This panel discussion brings together Black business owners to talk about the top challenges they’ve encountered and the strategies and solutions they’ve employed to overcome them.
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Success on Yelp

Learn from Yelp’s Small Business Expert Emily Washcovick on how to take advantage of the 20+ free Yelp features—helping you optimize your listing and manage your online reputation.
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Leading by Example: A Conversation With Jonathan Jones

Founder of the Jonathan Jones Next Step Foundation and NFL player Jonathan Jones discusses the role of mentorship in his personal and professional development and the importance of paying it forward to the next generation.
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The Art of Scaling: How Black Business Owners Can Overcome Obstacles and Achieve Success

Learn the key strategies and tactics that successful Black business owners have used to scale their businesses and achieve their goals, including best practices for managing growth, finding funding, building a strong team, and leveraging technology to streamline operations.
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From Business to Brand: How Black Business Owners Can Create a Unique Brand Identity

Unlock the secrets of successful brand strategy, and learn how to craft a unique, resonating brand that captivates your target audience.
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Leveraging Community and Culture: A Blueprint for Black Business Success

Our expert panel explores how Black business owners can leverage their vibrant community and cultural heritage to boost their own businesses—from becoming a staple of their local community to building partnerships with other businesses and beyond.
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A Conversation With Chef JJ Johnson

We take a deep dive into Chef JJ Johnson's remarkable culinary career as he shares his journey as a chef and restaurateur and reflects on the challenges he’s overcome.
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Black in Business Summit 2023 review

Black in Business Summit 2023

Thanks to everyone who joined us for the 2023 Black in Business Summit! Check out recordings of all the sessions, from creating a unique brand identity to mastering the art of scaling.
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Quarterly Product Showcase: Yelp Audiences

Learn how Yelp’s newest off-platform solution, Yelp Audiences, helps national and regional marketers reach their target audiences. Whether your ideal customers are a ready-to-spend consumer crowd or business owners in a specific industry, Yelp Audiences can take the guesswork out of meeting them where they are.
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Lessons Learned From Small Business Owners

Hear from this roundtable of entrepreneurs on the important lessons they’ve learned in starting, running, and growing their small businesses.
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Unleashing Your Creativity to Build Great Brand Experiences

Learn from leaders in branding about how to infuse creativity into your branding that translates into a great customer experience.
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Breaking Down Gender Barriers and Inequities

Hear from women entrepreneurs across industries as they discuss overcoming the challenges they’ve faced in business, as well as how to support the next generation of female entrepreneurs.
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Hire the Right Way: How to Grow Your Business Strategically

Knowing when to hire new staff is one of the top challenges that first-time business owners experience. Hear best practices from business leaders around the hiring of new employees. 
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Success on Yelp

Learn how to implement the most important tools that will help you optimize your listing and manage your online reputation.
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Building Customer Trust—and Relationships

It’s never been more important to create a trusted relationship with your customers from the moment they walk in your door or look up your business online. Hear from industry experts on how to create strong relationships with customers at every stage of their purchasing journey.
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Preparing Your Business for Economic Uncertainty

In this panel discussion, hear from business leaders and experts on how small businesses can help safeguard their business against the unexpected and optimize their business for success.
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How to Turn Your Social Presence into Dollars

Hear from the industry’s best social marketers as they discuss how to harness the power of social media for your business and convert social followers into business results.
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The State of Women Entrepreneurship

Chef, author, and television personality Leah Cohen shares how she found success in the restaurant world, learning from some of the world’s most renowned chefs.
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How Leading Brands Innovate

Marketers of all levels can attest that long-term success is often achieved through a series of failures. Essential to growth are the elements of imagination, iteration, and innovation. Tune in to this on-demand webinar to hear from leaders from sweetgreen, Frontpoint Security, and Yelp to explore how to unlock the true value of innovation and drive tangible business results.
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Growing From Business to Enterprise

How did First Watch Restaurants go from one location in Pacific Grove, California to over 400 locations today? And what did LaserAway do to expand to 100 locations since they opened their doors in 2006? Tune-in on demand to hear from the CMO of LaserAway and the digital marketing director at First Watch to find out and learn how you can do the same for your growing business.
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Women in Business Summit 2023

Headlined by chef, author, TV personality, and restaurant owner Leah Cohen, the 2023 Women in Business Summit brought together dynamic entrepreneurs and business builders for a day of thought-provoking conversations, inspiration, and actionable advice.
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A 5-Star State of Mind: Multi-Location Business Edition

Having meaningful interactions with your customers is crucial for multi-location businesses, especially at the local level. This includes your online reviews, and your review strategy at each location plays an important role in your overall brand reputation. Listen in to this on-demand webinar as Emily Washcovick, Local Business Expert, shares how your multi-location business can create a game plan for all review sites that will engage and delight your customers.
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Leveraging Economic Trends in Your Ad Strategy

Being in tune with changes and new trends in consumer behavior is crucial to satisfying the evolving needs of your customers. You'll hear from marketing industry experts who regularly launch ads campaigns driven by trends data, and learn how you can apply their tactics to improve your own ad campaigns strategy.
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