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Get quality leads by setting your service area on Yelp

Get quality, “close-to-home” leads by setting your service area on Yelp using city, county, or zip codes. This helps you show potential customers how far you’re willing to travel for a job. Setting your service area is free, easy, and helps you attract nearby leads who are in need of your services.

To set your service area on your Yelp Page, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to Yelp for Business
  2. Go to the Business Information section (on the Yelp for Business app, tap “Biz Info” at the bottom of the screen; on desktop, look for the tab on the left side menu).
  3. Tap “Service area.”
  4. Add up to six cities, counties, or zip codes. Note that the service area points must be within 100 miles of each other, and any cities between the specified locations will be included automatically.
  5. Tap “Save.”

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If you provide services at your customer’s homes or businesses like these businesses do, then it’s a good idea to set your service area. Here’s why. Let’s say you get messages from potential customers here, here, and here, but you also get requests from here and here, a little too far, right? Setting your service area keeps your inbox clear of these far away jobs, so you can stay focused on the leads that are close to home. This saves you time, of course, but it also reassures potential customers that you’re willing to travel to their place. So go ahead, sign in, and set your service area by zip, code or distance. It’s free and easy to do. Then let the leads you get through Yelp guide you to your next job. Set your service area. Get better leads.


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